Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Sexiest Mistake (2004) - Enjoyable Chick Flick

My Sexiest Mistake Sabrina Lloyd

Not every film has to be "Gone With The Wind," and such is certainly no the case with Jon Sherman's "My Sexiest Mistake."

There is, though, a place for fast-food movies that don't aspire to greatness, but are enjoyable for what they are. In point of fact, this is a very enjoyable tv film. It will pass the time if you want to watch your standard romantic comedy and like the leads. Sabrina Lloyd, who is always great as she was in "Sliders," is cute and delightful and ably supported by her co-stars  Curtis Mark Williams and Caitlin Miller.

"My Sexiest Mistake" is very romantic in a light-hearted way, set in the Big Apple and revolving around the usual nonsense of mistaken identity and how that leads to true love. A good movie to watch with your significant other, a few laughs, the usual comedy of errors complications, and a happy ending of course. You'll forget all about it once it's done, but you'll love watching the pretty folks going about their mating activities anyway. It may be fluff, but sometimes fluff is great.

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